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Consecutive & Simultaneous Interpreting

Interpreting vs. Translating

Although the term “translating” is used very loosely and often interchangeably with “interpreting,” they both require completely different skills. Similarly, Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting are different and require very unique skill sets. Not every interpreter can perform both types of interpreting.

When we “interpret” we communicate what a speaker says in a particular language and then verbally communicate that message into the audience’s preferred language.

Basically, the term “interpreting” refers to “verbal” interpreting from one language into another. The speaker’s language is referred to as the source language and the audience’s language is known as the target language. Whereas, “translating” involves the translation of actual documents, i.e. anything in print, including digital content, from one language into another. Now, let’s take a look at the differences between the two main interpreting modes, Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting.

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Languages: English to or from Asian, Middle Eastern, European and South American.


We recommend that you call us at least 7 business days before your scheduled event so that we may provide you with an interpreter on the dates and times that you require. We value you as our client. Thank you!

Consecutive Interpreting

The Consecutive Interpreter listens to what the speaker is saying, waits for the speaker to pause and then conveys the message into anther language —the preferred language of the audience. While the speaker is conveying a message, the interpreter might take notes. Normally, what happens is the speaker will say a few sentences and then after the pause, the interpreter will reproduce the message into another language. Consecutive Interpreting most often works best with small groups and/or one-on-one meetings.

Simultaneous Interpreting

The Simultaneous Interpreter will basically listen to what a speaker is saying and simultaneously communicates the message into another language. The interpreting happens concurrently while the speaker is talking. This mode of interpreting is normally used for larger audiences, i.e. conferences, trade shows, big meetings.

Our Interpreting Services

We provide Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting services either online or in-person for all industries, including State and Federal agencies. All interpreters are certified at the State and Federal level and have a minimum of five years of experience.

TUSA offers Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting in the following languages: English to or from Asian, Middle Eastern, European and South American

Interpreting services are offered in the following settings:

  • Business meetings
  • Conferences
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Court dates (including immigration)
  • Doctor/patient consultations
  • Documentaries
  • Government Meetings
  • In-person meetings
  • Interviews
  • Live streaming
  • Phone meetings
  • Podcasts
  • Summits
  • Tradeshows
  • Virtual meetings (Zoom)
  • Workshops

Note: We require advance notice to secure and schedule interpreters for the dates and times you require.

We will be happy to provide you with an estimate for consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services.

Call or Text:
US Mobile + 1 (951) 551-4566
UK Mobile + 4407903809201

 for more details.

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