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Virginia Earl is a writer, editor, published author, and journalist with more than 25 years of experience in the publishing industry. She holds a degree in journalism from the University of Maryland, College Park and an honorary doctoral degree in humanitarianism from Global International Alliance (GIA) London.

Virginia’s professional repertoire includes major, international publishing houses across the United States. As a writer, she has received several accolades in the United States and England. She is also a multi-talented, serial entrepreneur.

Today, she provides writing, editing, and author coaching services that intuitively help first-time authors overcome their fears associated with writing and getting published. Her favorite genres include autobiographies, biographies, fantasy, mystery and science-fiction, but she’s always ready to undertake writing in all genres. Virginia also translates book manuscripts into other languages for new and published authors.

In 1995, she founded her first business, Translations Unlimited South America (TUSA), which to this day provides translations services for digital content and documents, including marketing materials, from English into European, Asian, and South American languages.

What makes her so remarkably effective and accurate as a professional writer, editor, and translator is that, as a native Spanish speaker, she has an inherent understanding of the culture. As a world traveler, Virginia has lived in Europe and South America, and has visited Asia and the Amazon, which adds to her cultural knowledge. The combination of her print journalism degree and her bilingual education escalates her professional value.

She has co-authored several books including: “Expert World Leaders: Bringing Skill Sets And Passion To Unite & Collaborate, Vol. 2,” “What Are You Wearing? The Inspirational Spiritual Side of Fashion,” “Nothing Happens in the Grave: Misery to Miracles,” “Love Your Haters: How to Harness the Power of Self-Love and Embrace the Peace Found in Forgiveness,” “Goddesses Among Us, Volume 2 of a #1 Best Selling Series,” “100 Most Successful Women Around the World,” “Quarentena & Beyond: Stories of hope, resilience and inspiration during the Great Lockdown,” “It’s All About Showing Up & The Power Is in The Asking,” and “All Women Rock: A Series of Inspirational Life Journeys.”

Virginia is a recipient of the 2023 GSFE World Humanitarian Day Award,  the International Women Awards, King Charles III Coronation, Vietnam International Awards 2023, London; SIMA Global Awards, King Charles III Coronation 2023, London; GSFE Achievement Recognition Award 2022; SIMA Most Inspirational People of the World Award 2022; LOANI Reaching Greater Heights Award 2022; World Kindness Day Award 2021; Ambassador of the Year Award, Murrieta/Wildomar Chamber of Commerce 2021; U.S. Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award; GSFE Annual Lady In Blue Sapphire 2021 Awards, including Game Changer; Women Appreciating Women ( WAW) Hall of Fame Award, London, England, 2021; U.S. Presidential Volunteer Service Award;

She currently resides in London and loves to travel to exotic places that have port wine and dark chocolate.

Published Books

Together with 22 authors mostly from Southern California and London, Virginia Earl is one of the authors of “What are you wearing? The Inspirational Spiritual Side of Fashion,” which is a #1 Best Seller and #1 New Release on Amazon. Her chapter is titled “The Essence of Fashion. Fads Are Fads: Classics Are Timeless.” The Kindle version is available now.

The paperback copy will be released soon. To download a Kindle copy on Amazon, please go HERE

“Saging: A How to Guide for Smudging” by Virginia Earl. 
To order a copy, go HERE
world leaders book
expert world leaders
Virginia Earl is one of the co-authors of “Expert World Leaders: Reaching Beyond Boundaries, Vol. 2”, a #1 Best Seller compiled by Prof. Caroline Makaka and Viola Edward.
To order a copy, go HERE
misery to miracles back

In “Nothing “Happens in The Grave: Misery to  Miracles,” you will find Virginia’s chapter titled “The Power Behind The Meaning of ‘I AM'”

To order a copy, go to

love your haters
Virginia Earl is one of the co-authors of the #1 Amazon Best Seller
“Love Your Haters: How to Harness the Power of Self-Love and Embrace the Peace Found in Forgivenes”
Look for her chapter titled 
“The Scent of Burnt Almonds”
To order a copy, go to Amazon 
Copies are also available for purchase at Barnes & Noble.
goddesses book

“Goddesses Among Us,” Volume 2 of a #1 Best Selling Series, by Kimberly Anderson, is a collaboration of 21 co-authors, including Virginia Earl. It’s an anthology about brave women who stepped into the spotlight to share their stories. They bring hope to others by stepping into their power, speaking their truth, and shining their light so that we all can do the same! To order a signed copy, call or text Virginia at (951) 551-4566 or order via Amazon,

Cover Credit: Genevieve Espinosa 

To select the musical piece “Gratitude” that was composed for Virginia’s story, go to Fizzy Beard

“100 Most Successful Women Around the World” by María Renée Dávila & Professor Caroline Makaka. Introduction by Al Otero. Inspiring stories co-authored by women around the world, including Virginia Earl, originally from Uruguay.

To order a signed copy, call or text Virginia at (951) 551-4566 or order via Amazon,

Virginia co-authored “It’s All About Showing Up & The Power Is In the Asking,” a collaboration of a group of 46 local, nationwide, and international authors, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs who share their compelling stories about the “importance of showing up and the power is in the asking” and how these two combined mindsets can make our wishes become a reality. This #1 Best Seller was compiled by Robbie Motter, CEO of Global Society of Female Entrepreneurs (GSFE), a nationwide and international networking group supporting and empowering women business owners.

To order a signed copy, call or text Virginia at (951) 551-4566 or order via Amazon,

Virginia Earl is one of 47 international coauthors sharing her story in “Quarentena & Beyond,” which received the #1 International Best Seller label and was launched in December 2020 by She Inspires Me, London. Spearheaded by Serial Entrepreneur & Humanitarian Ada Gartenmann, this bilingual (English-Spanish) anthology brings to readers stories of hope, resilience, and inspiration during the “Great Lockdown.”

Virginia’s also a recipient of 2020 She Inspires Me Awards (SIMA), London, England.

To order your signed copy, please call or text Virginia at (951) 551-4566 or order via Amazon,

“All Women Rock: A Series of Inspirational Life Journeys” is a collection of stories from local Southern California authors. Virginia Earl is one of the coauthors and the editor of this anthology. Virginia is also an award recipient of the 2019 All Women Rock Awards, Orange County, California.

To order a signed copy, send Virginia Earl a text to (951) 551-4566. $10 for hand-delivery and $15 for shipping within Southern California.

Payment is accepted via Venmo or for PayPal click here.

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